Photograph by Julie Moses

Mike Patterson

I've been drawing, designing and creating for as long as I can remember, beginning with a crazy multicolored zebra drawn while sitting next to my mom in church (around age 4). In school I was always 'that kid'; you know, the one who could draw, who would draw stuff for you, who was ALWAYS drawing!

My teachers encouraged my love of art - in third grade Mr. Malatesta told my parents he allowed me to draw in the margins of all my work because it seemed to help me maintain good grades. In fourth, Mr. Whiteman put a sign above my desk: 'QUIET - Artist at work!' (My poor sister got stuck at that desk the next year - she never forgave me).

By high school there was little doubt that I would be pursuing a career in visual creation. I became obsessed for a time with automotive concept design, but instead chose to simply get a BA in Digital Design. For the past 20 years, I've done all kinds of work but I've spent the last eight working as the in-house designer for a local church, as well as many freelance gigs.

I love pop-culture, fun movies, music, technology, video games (especially Nintendo!), Batman (don't get me started) and Dr. Pepper. More than any of that, I love my wife, three kids and our hilarious puppy, Pepper.